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We took a quick spin up the Bison Range yesterday and ended up getting close up and personal with some Bison (from the safety of our car, of course). The Red Sleep Mountain Road loop drive wasn’t open yet but the in and out Prairie Road drive was and it did not disappoint. Lots of wildflowers, including lots of Arrowleaf Balsamroot, and great Bison sightings right along the road. This place is always a treat to visit.

An early morning drive along Blue Mountain Road treated us to a Moose sighting in what we call “Moose Pond”. Good stuff.

While working from home this afternoon, I kept hearing thumping sounds coming from the deck. Turns out there was a young Black Bear exploring our deck in hopes of scoring some bird seed from our feeders. After taking a few photos, including one where we were essentially nose-to-nose through the glass of one of the doors leading to our deck, I shooed him off.

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